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Overview of the biodiversity of Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Saba, Sint Eustatius and Sint Maarten

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Photos: Jaaziel Garcia-Hernandez and Simone Montano

Share your images of Dutch Caribbean biodiversity

Hannco Bakker - 22 March 2018

We can proudly announce that since this week a new photo upload/validation module has been added to the Dutch Caribbean Species Register. Through this new module everyone can know upload their own photos of Dutch Caribbean biodiversity, with the aim of building a validated image library of high resolution images shared under Creative Commons licenses. You are able to make your own account and set your own license preferences and other information. For contributing identification specialists, the validation process has become much easier as well. 

Find out more here: http://images.dutchcaribbeanspecies.org/

You can find more about licenses for photos here: http://images.dutchcaribbeanspecies.org/content/licenses-dutch-caribbean...

And for more information about using photos here: http://www.dutchcaribbeanspecies.org/content/terms-use-photos

The Dutch Caribbean Species Register has already grown enormously in terms of images the last months, this new module enables it to grow even more.  Happy photo-hunting and thank you in advance for your contributions!