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Naturalis’ fieldwork on Sint Eustatius

Jeroen van der Brugge and Berry van der Hoorn

Getting involved

Through the Dutch Caribbean Species Register we strive to connect every nature interested person with experts from Naturalis and all over the world. With the Dutch Caribbean Species Register we can learn about the diversity, share our knowledge and visualise what we do and do not know. We very much welcome your input to improve the Dutch Caribbean Species Register. You can contribute in the following ways:

- by notifying us of missing publications that provide additional information (such as species records, local names, etc.)

- by notifying us of mistakes, bugs and errors (such as misspelled names, missing images, etc.)

- by contributing your photos from the area (shared under Creative Commons licenses)

- by helping out with photo identifications (we are especially looking for invertebrate specialists)

- by registering your field observations from the Dutch Caribbean using

Please contact if you are interested in helping out. The Collection Information department of Naturalis will get in touch with you then.