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Naturalis’ fieldwork on Sint Eustatius

Jeroen van der Brugge and Berry van der Hoorn

New mollusc-species of bathyal costellariid from the Caribbean Sea

Sytske de Waart - 19 April 2021
Costapex baldwinae, found on sunken wood near Curaçao
/ Foto:
Jerry Harasewych

The Deep Reef Observation Project (DROP), a collaboration between the Smithsonian Institution and Substation Curaçao using the manned submersible CURASUB to study the ecology and diversity of coral reefs throughout the Caribbean, has discovered a number of new species during its ongoing investigations. Among these is a small gastropod of the family Costellariidae (Costapex baldwinae) that has been described from deep reef habitats of the southern and eastern Caribbean Sea, including Curaçao, Dominica and Guadeloupe, where it occurs at bathyal depths on sunken wood.


Harasewych, M. G., Uribe, J.E. & Fedosov, A.E. 2020. Costapex baldwinae, a new species of bathyal costellariid (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Neogastropoda: Costellariidae) from the Caribbean Sea. Proceedings of the Biological Society of Washington 133(1): 134-141. [link]