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Photos: Jaaziel Garcia-Hernandez and Simone Montano

New marine Vexillum-gastropod mollusk dug up off the coast of Curaçao

Sytske de Waart - 15 April 2021
Vexillum janae, new gastropod-species, found off the coast of Curaçao / Photo: T. Cossignani and F. Lorentz

A new endemic Vexillum species (Vexillum janae) was recently described in Malacologia bij Tiziano Cossignani and Felix Lorenz. This small shell (just over 8 mm) with a biconical shape was collected with shellgrit at 200 m depth using the Curabub submarin off Jan Thiel, Curaçao. 


Cossignani, T & Lorenz, F. 2020. Nuovo Vexillum da Curaçao. Malacologia 109: 39-41