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Diversity in the Dutch Caribbean

Michiel Oversteegen and Gerard van Buurt and Marion Haarsma

Legislation and policy information now available

Hannco Bakker - 01 August 2018
Lesser Antillean Iguana a species from the CITES list
/ Foto:
Mark Yokoyama

The Dutch Caribbean Species Register can now capture precious species information regarding leglislation and policy. CITES, IUCN Red Lists and SPAW already introduced species list for their specific purposes in order to protect areas and species of interest. Based on a list from D.R. MacRae, information from these three sources is now available and searchable on the Dutch Caribbean Species Register for over 250 species and is a great new addition to the database. In extensive search you can now search for the specific conservation status from the IUCN Red Lists (e.g. endangered, critical endangered, vulnerable), CITES lists (appendix I and II) and SPAW protocol (Annex I, II and III) regulations.