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Diversity in the Dutch Caribbean

Michiel Oversteegen and Gerard van Buurt and Marion Haarsma

40 New fish species for Sint Eustatius

Sytske de Waart - 05 August 2021
Curasub being deployed from the back of the support ship Chapman
/ Foto:
Barry Brown

In March-May 2020, two experienced citizen scientists completed 62 SCUBA dives at St. Eustatius and recorded 244 shallow species, 40 of them new records for Statia. The 2017–2020 research effort increased the number of species known from the island by 34% to 406. An updated catalog of that marine fish fauna is presented, including voucher photographs of 280 species recorded there in 2017 and 2020.  


Robertson, D.R., Estapé, C.J., Estapé, A.M., Peña, E., Tornabene, L., Baldwin, C.C. 2020. The marine fishes of St Eustatius Island, northeastern Caribbean: an annotated, photographic catalog. ZooKeys 1007: 145-180. link